There is no simple blueprint for making great wine.  After 15 harvests on two continents, Jarred Pearce has a deep understanding in the art of winemaking.  His experience has taught him that quality starts in the vineyard, which is why AJ Pearce sources grapes from vineyards that are farmed to their quality standards.  With these hand selected vineyards, Jarred creates balanced wines with both power and elegance.

According to Jarred, it is the grapes that determine the potential of the wine and it is up to the winemaker to realize the promise in the grapes.  He assesses each vineyard throughout the growing season and works closely with the Vineyard Managers to ensure quality.  It is not until the weeks prior to harvest that Jarred begins to understand all of the intricacies of the grapes.  Recognizing the nuances of the vintage, he makes all winemaking decisions based on the individual vineyard to produce wines that tell the story of the full growing season.

The vineyards are only harvested when the grapes have fully reached phenolic maturity and peak flavor.  The small lots are harvested at sunrise to preserve the integrity of the fruit and ensure that the grapes remain cold and stable when they arrive at the winery.  A minimalistic and hands-off approach is taken during fermentation to let the terrior of each vineyard shine through.  Jarred focuses on the extraction during the fermentation to produce a mouthfeel that is rich and full.  Each of the Vineyard Designate wines showcases its vineyard’s individual qualities and characteristics.

Winemaking begins in the vineyard and ends in the bottle.  Though science plays a large role in the winemaking process, the final decision is ultimately made by the palate of Jarred Pearce.  With each vintage, Jarred refines the art of winemaking.  You can taste his passion in each bottle of AJ Pearce Wine.